Ashadya – Serenity

Ashadya – Serenity
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Our Serenity Umbrella, previously called the SU7 is an amazing cantilever umbrella to have in your living space. If you live in a house that is equipped with a wide balcony, then this umbrella is a perfect fit. Imagine enjoying an afternoon tea in your balcony protected by the shadows of our huge cantilever umbrella, or enjoying a good book without having to worry about the UV rays. Or if you want to improve your residential courtyard, then Serenity is also great for you. But of course, our umbrella doesn’t just stop there. It can be placed on decks, rooftops, and basically anywhere you want to. It’s a very flexible yet decorative umbrella that increases the aesthetics of your living space. And atop from being aesthetic, its protective function serves very well with our 360-degree rotational ability. The cantilever action means that there is nothing in the way under the umbrella canopy. Enjoy more room for enjoying the shade.

Serenity can be mounted on a portable base which is wind-tunnel tested at 40 km/hr. This means that it is ideal on balconies when permanent mounting is not an option. It can also be bolted to a concrete slab, wall-mounted or an In-Ground concrete base. Its flexibility with 4 options for mounting means it can fit into any area regardless of floor conditions. The handle is gas-assisted, anti-gravity, so it’s very easy to lift. And using calculated geometry and expert engineering, the sliding mechanism works in complete harmony to open or close your umbrella in 3 seconds. Integrated into the mast of the umbrella, our Shadowlock is a functional solution to wind-protection and 360-degree cantilever umbrella rotation. And finally, our flagship umbrellas have built-in LED lights in the central hub controlled with an optional, rechargeable, smart battery and phone app.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to be protected from the sun? Ready to fancy some afternoon tea in the shadows? Ready to decorate your balcony and rooftop? Come and purchase the all-new Serenity Umbrella from the one and only, Ashadya. We believe you will be satisfied with your Shadowspec Serenity Umbrella. If not, we are committed to working with you to ensure you will be. And if we fail in that endeavour, you may return your umbrella and we will refund your purchase in full. But of course, our main goal is your satisfaction, so don’t worry because by the end of the day, your balcony will look fancier with our Serenity Umbrella.

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