Ashadya – Unity

Ashadya – Unity
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Our Unity Umbrella, previously called the SU6 is a one and only solution when you need shadow protection in a large space. It gives up to 6m x 6m of shaded cantilever cover, and it is ideal for cafes and restaurants, wineries, and basically any area that needs huge coverings. Our main features include a 100% sunbrella Marine solution-dyed fabric that comes in various colours including trending summer colours, and all fabrics can be cleaned, washed and are replaceable. The colours are divided into stock colour options and trending colour options. If you’re the minimalistic type, we provide natural colours like an oyster, taupe, charcoal grey, black, and navy. But if you’re into more fun and trendy option, then we have the colour rust, silver, linen, and sea. It’s your choice to pick your favourite colour that suits the place you’re trying to cover. Unity Umbrella is UV and fades resistant with a cantilever operation, giving us sun protection that is seal approved by Skin Cancer Foundation. It weighs 314 g/m2 and we provide a 10-year sunbrella warranty.

The mounting options for this cantilever umbrella vary and is flexible with 4 options. Their first one is a surface plate for deck, patio and concrete mounting. The second one is In-Ground anchor for mounting with a concrete footing. The third one is wall fixings for when the ground mounting is impossible, and the last one is a portable base for complete customized manoeuvrability.

The most important part of an umbrella is, is it water protective? And of course, the answer is yes. The Ashadya Unity Umbrella is water and stain protective, and it is trusted for over 25 years. With our shadow lift, shadow glide, shadow lock, and shadow hub system, no umbrellas can ever beat the perfection of Unity in serving as a protective shadow caster. Not only it serves as a protective shield, but it also adds the aesthetics of your area. So, if you’re ready to decorate and protect your restaurants from the UV rays, Unity from Ashadya is the best choice for you.


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