4 Surprising Facts About Shade Sails

4 Surprising Facts About Shade Sails

Of the many different shade products available today, shade sails are by far the most popular here in Sydney. While shade sails continue to be the number one shade solution for homeowners and business owners, many people are still sceptical about investing in shade sails.

Today, I will list some surprising facts about shade sails that you are probably not aware of. Hopefully, this article will convince you to purchase shade sails in Sydney for home or business.

1. They are incredibly versatile

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of shade sails is their versatility. Shade sails can easily be installed in most areas with the help of suitable attachment points or anchor posts. Due to this, they are used across a wide variety of both residential as well as commercial applications.

Some places where you can commonly spot shade sails being used include swimming pool decks, car parks and carports where they are ideal for hail protection, parks and playgrounds, schools and kindergartens, cafes, restaurants, hotels, marketplaces, and residential backyards, amongst many others.

2. They can be waterproof

When people think of shade sails, they often think of a temporary shade solution that only provides protection from the sun. However, shade sails can also be waterproof – it just depends on the shade fabric used in the manufacturing.

Waterproof shade sails, such as those we offer, are capable of providing all-weather protection all year round. Our waterproof shade sails also offer excellent UVR protection of up to 99%, making them perfect for heavy-duty commercial or residential use.

3. They can be as effective as a permanent shade structure

While shade sails are a semi-permanent shade structure that can be taken down when required, they are as effective as a permanent shade structure. Using a waterproof shade sail allows you to create a shaded area that can be used come rain or shine.

If you plan on investing in waterproof shade sails, always make sure to choose high quality shade fabrics that offer superior longevity. A high-quality waterproof shade sail will go a long way without requiring any maintenance at all.

4. Shade sails can be installed by non-professionals

Shade sails in Sydney are immensely popular with homeowners because they can easily be installed by non-professionals. All that you need is a little bit of DIY experience and the proper tools and you should be able to install a shade sail without running into any problems. Waterproof shade sails, however, should only be installed by professionals.

While we offer installation services for our shade sails in Sydney, we also offer DIY shade sails that you can install by yourself.

If you plan on installing a shade sail yourself, make sure to read my previous article on “Shade Sail Installation 3 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier”. You’re sure to find some useful information there.


There are many interesting facts about shade sails that you’re probably not aware of. Shade sails are incredibly versatile – they are perfect for both domestic as well as commercial applications. They can be waterproof, they can effectively block out the sun’s UVR, and they can also be as effective as a permanent shade structure. Given Sydney’s recent stormy weather Shade sails will give you the protection that you need from hail events. Lastly, shade sails can be installed by non-professionals.

With so many great benefits, you should definitely consider investing in a shade sail as your shade solution.

For the best quality shade sails in Sydney that offer up to 99% UVR protection, look no further than Ashadya Shade Sails & Blinds. We supply and install custom made and DIY shade sails that are sure to impress. To get a free quote on our shade sails in Sydney, contact us online or call our offer on 1300 570 301.