The Best Swimming Pool Shade Solution Is….

The Best Swimming Pool Shade Solution Is….

As the owner of Ashadya Shade Sails and Blinds, I am often asked, What’s the best shade solution for a swimming pool?”Well, there are a couple of shade products that we recommend for providing pool shade to Sydney residences, and these shade sails and outdoor umbrellas – both are great for shading swimming pools and poolside deck areas.

While high-quality shade sails and outdoor umbrellas can both offer excellent sun protection and keep you protected from the sun’s UV rays, of these two options, I tend to lean towards pool umbrellas as the preferred option over shade sails. This is mainly because they offer more flexibility than shade sails as they can be moved to follow the sun.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at how you can use shade sails and pool umbrellas to create shade over your swimming pool.

Shade Sails

Shade Sail - Z16 in Desert Sand

Shade Sail using Z16 in Desert Sand

Shade sails are one of the most versatile shade solutions, which make them incredibly popular for creating shade, either poolside or over a pool. They provide excellent shade coverage, and they offer great value for money. Moreover, if you want all-weather protection for your entertaining areas, then waterproof shade sails are an ideal solution.

Ashadya Shade Sails and Blinds custom design shade sails Sydney in different shapes and sizes to create a stylish shade solution for your pool area. Our shade sails come in a range of colour choices, allowing you to match the colour of your shade sail with your home and landscape.

Pool Umbrellas

Shadowspec Serenity 4.2m outdoor umbrella

Shadowspec Serenity Rotating Cantilever Umbrella by Ashadya

While shade sails are a great shade solution for poolside areas, I believe an outdoor umbrella can be a better choice for creating shade over a swimming pool. Pool umbrellas are very easy to set up and offer complete flexibility when choosing how much area to shade.

Regarding looks, swimming pool umbrellas are very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They come in a range of modern-looking shapes and designs, instantly enhancing your space’s visual appeal to make it look more inviting. While swimming pool umbrellas are generally more affordable than shade sails, they also offer excellent ease of use.

Cantilever umbrellas are a popular choice when shopping for swimming pool umbrellas. This is because they do not have a centre pole, which allows you to maximise the shaded area created below the umbrella’s mast. This design allows them to offer excellent shade coverage and flexibility – moreover, many are equipped with rotating and tilting mechanisms, which makes them very easy to operate.

Ashadya Shade Sails and Blinds’ umbrellas are manufactured from the highest quality shade fabrics for maximum UVR protection, and they are available in a range of sizes and shapes.

So I know you’re probably thinking, “What are my options for a pool umbrella?”  Let me recommend the Rotating and Tilting Cantilever Umbrellas, Rotating Cantilever Umbrellas, Side Post Umbrellas or the Multi-Canopy Cantilever Umbrellas. Any of these makes a fantastic choice for your swimming pool.


Of many different types of shade solutions, shade sails and outdoor umbrellas are the most suitable for use in swimming pool areas. Shade sails are versatile, and they are excellent for shading large poolside areas. However, a swimming pool umbrella can be a better choice. This is because pool umbrellas look more stylish, they are more affordable, they offer excellent shade coverage, and they are very easy to operate as well. Outdoor cantilever umbrellas are the best choice for poolside shade.

And, for the best quality cantilever pool umbrellas, look no further than us here at Ashadya Shade Sails & Blinds. We offer the widest range of outdoor umbrellas in Sydney and beyond! Get in touch with us for a free quote on our swimming pool umbrellas in today!