Wave Shade – the retractable shade cover you didn’t know you needed!

Wave Shade – the retractable shade cover you didn’t know you needed!

With summer around the corner, there’s no better time to stop talking about updating your outdoor area and start being proactive. Now’s the perfect time to get cracking on your plans to transform your outdoor area into a welcoming space you can enjoy all summer long, regardless of the weather.

With the help of Wave Shade and Ashadya Australia, we can help take your dreams and turn them into a reality. As one of Sydney’s leading shade specialists, we have various solutions ideal for transforming outdoor areas without the need for any construction. Our latest (and in our opinion, greatest) offering is Wave Shade.

If you’re looking to transform your dated pergola, gazebo, or deck into a contemporary space that boasts resort-style looks and versatile shade cover, you will find no better product on the market than Wave Shade!

Continue reading as we share with you everything you need to know about Wave Shade to help you determine if this is the right shade cover for your needs. We’ll discuss the benefits, suitable applications, and various customisation options from this unique and attractive retractable shade solution.

Wave Shade Benefits

Wave Shade not only looks fantastic, unlike any other shade cover solution, but it offers an array of benefits, which we’ll take a look at below.

Retractable Shade

retractable wave shade

The more significant benefit offered by Wave Shade is its ability to provide retractable shade. Unlike shade sails, which are the closest alternative in terms of cost and structure, a Wave Shade system isn’t permanently attached at each fixing point to provide shade at all times.

The retractable Wave Shade is anchored only at one end, meaning the billows can retract, letting the sun shine bright in cooler conditions. They offer the best of both worlds; shade when it’s hot or sunlight when it’s cooler.

Contemporary, User-Friendly Design

The design of Wave Shade is undoubtedly one of the other significate benefits. Unlike shade sails that feature full shade cloth per sail, Wave Shade comprises a series of billows, offering contemporary resort-style aesthetics that instantly transform the look of any outdoor area. You can go from drab to fab in a matter of hours, all thanks to the installation of a Wave Shade system.

Moreover, in addition to the modern billow design of the shade covers themselves, a Wave Shade system is very user-friendly to operate and offers two operation options; an integrated cord or pole retraction system. Whichever operation option you choose, you can rest assured knowing Wave Shade will offer smooth, effortless shade retraction every single time. See Operation Options for more information.

Quality Manufacturing

Wave Shade exhibits quality manufacturing, utilising high-grade materials and fabrics. Such materials include high-quality marine-grade stainless steel fixtures and fittings, aluminium and stainless steel components, and Soltis 96 and Soltis W96.  Soltis 96 is a premium high-performance fabric, which is fire retardant, has a 4% openness factor offering high UV and heat protection while Soltis W96 is a commercial grade waterproof fabric.

Lightweight materials are specifically used to aid easy operation.

Custom Made Shade

wave shade sails

Each Wave Shade we install is custom made to order to ensure the perfect fit over your outdoor area. You can choose how much billow the shade hangs and how low the billows hang when the shade is extended.

Whether you have an existing patio, gazebo, deck, fence, posts, structures or have nothing yet to support a Wave Shade system; we can determine what’s needed to have Wave Shades installed over your outdoor area. We can also determine the configuration needed to cover your area adequately.

We recommend that each Wave Shade be no larger than 14m2, so it can be 2.5m long and 5.6m wide or 5.0m long and 2.8m wide. We can discuss what will work best for your area to provide the best result. Simply contact us for a free measure and quote.

Low Maintenence

wave shade Sydney installation

Wave Shades are super easy to clean and maintain. You can unclip the billows in very little time at all, which is handy for cleaning. The fabric and components can be washed by hand, cleaned with a pressure hose, and submerged in water without causing any damage.

Soltis 96 is a mildew-resistant fabric that fairs well in outdoor conditions. The anodised coated aluminium parts and stainless steel components offer great longevity in touch conditions and coastal applications.

You can expect excellent longevity and low maintenance from your Wave Shade.

Wave Shade Applications

Wave Shade systems offer excellent shade coverage to any outdoor area and are incredibly flexible in application. They can be used residentially or commercially in cafes, restaurants and resorts, to provide a relaxing, welcoming and comfortable environment.

Pergolas & Gazebos

Existing pergolas, gazebos and structures act as great support structures for Wave Shade systems. With Wave Shade, you can transform an existing pergola or gazebo from a daggy old-fashion, neglected space into a modern area ready for summer entertaining, alfresco dining or spending afternoons outdoors getting lost in a good book.

Walls & Poles

The great thing about Wave Shade systems is that they don’t necessarily need any existing support structures such as those mentioned above to operate. They can be supported by walls of a house or stand-alone poles, making them a very attractive option for those not wanting to get tied up with builders. As long as there is support at each corner of the Wave Shade, it doesn’t matter where the support comes from; we are able to install a Wave Shade system in your home or commercial establishment.


Wave Shade systems are also brilliant in shading decks of any size. Decks need some form of shade to be usable during the hot summer months, but there aren’t a lot of options available. You either get a permanent patio cover, shade sail, or awning, all of which offer no or little flexibility in terms of retraction or design – they’re not exactly attractive. With Wave Shade systems, you can choose how much of the Wave you want to extend or retract while totally transforming your deck into an attractive space where you’ll want to spend summer.

Wave Shade Customisation Options

Along with the various customisation options in terms of size and configuration, Wave Shade can also be customed by colour and operation.

Colour Options

Wave Shade is available in a range of modern colours to complement contemporary design styles. There are two fabric options; Soltis 96, a premium high-performance mesh with a 4% openness factor, and Soltis W96, a waterproof fabric.

Wave Shade fabrics

The colours above work well as complementary colours or contrasting colours to provide an attractive finish that will complement your home’s design and aesthetics.

Operation options

Wave Shade systems are available in two retraction options, either an integrated cord or pole. The integrated cord retraction option operates as a pulley system, just like a blind – simply draw down on the cord loop to retract and the other way to extend it. On the other hand, the pole retraction option consists of a pole that you can hook into a cleat on the Wave’s front spar to retract the billows back and forth.

Both options are very easy to operate and deliver the same desired outcome.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in having a Wave Shade system installed in your Sydney home, restaurant, café, resort etc., the first step is to contact Ashadya Australia. We will arrange a time with you to conduct a free measure and quote, where we can look at the area you’re looking to cover and discuss how many Wave Shades are needed to provide the best coverage. We can also bring fabric samples to help you decide which is best for your application.

To get started, simply call 1300 570 901 or submit an online enquire through our website.

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There really is no better product on the market than Wave Shade in terms of ease of installation, affordability, and retractable shade options. Wave Shade is the only retractable shade cover that is contemporary in design, easy to use, features top-grade manufacturing, custom-designed to meet your requirements.

In no time at all, you can transform your tired, un-inspiring outdoor area into an entertainer’s delight. With Wave Shade, you’ll encompass resort-like aesthetics that will make you want to spend not only hours outside but days outside basking in the fresh air whilst being able to retract and adjust the shades as required.

To enquire about having a Wave Shade system installed in an existing pergola or gazebo or having posts or poles installed to support a Wave Shade system, contact the team at Ashadya Australia. We service the Hills District of Sydney, North Shore and beyond, and look forward to helping you create your dream outdoor area.

Call 1300 570 901 or submit an online enquire through our website.