Shade Sails & DIY Shade Sails

Custom shade sails in Sydney

For standard shade sails or waterproof shade sails in Sydney, Galston based Ashadya Shade Sails & Blinds boast an impressive range. While our standard shade sails are ideal for shading outdoor areas and protecting vehicles against hail, our waterproof shade sails are great for handling the extreme heat and unexpected showers during summer. Whether its standard shade sails or waterproof shade sails in Sydney that you’re after, you will find a solution that offers high-quality and great value in our range.

With a wide choice of colours and styles to choose from, installing a shade sail can add value and peace of mind to your home. Our custom shade sails can be built to suit any shape or size you require and can either be installed by one of our qualified installers or purchase DIY shade sails to install them yourself.

Placement of our shade sails is flexible. They can be hung on permanent structures such as the side of your house, cantilevered or on posts. This makes it incredibly easy for those opting for DIY shade sails.

Ashadya Shade Sail benefits:

  • Perfection for both domestic and commercial areas
  • Provide weather protection and privacy
  • Flexible design, lightweight construction and high UV-R protection up to 99%
  • Modern and cost-effective alternative to traditional building structures

Ashadya Shade Sail features:

  • PTFE UV stabilized thread
  • Sails double stitched using twin needle sewing machines
  • All hems and seams are double folded with no exposed edges
  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel fittings
  • Commercial grade shade sail fabrics
  • Architectural 3D sail designs
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Stringent design standards
  • Maximum comfort and protection
  • Extreme durability against rain and heat
  • Limited 10-year manufacturers’ pro-rata warranty against U.V. degradation.

Whether you choose DIY shade sails or have us install custom shade sails, it will be one of the best investments you can make towards your providing comfort at home, in a restaurant or a café. You will appreciate the coolness you get beneath it, and it is a cost-effective way of cooling your body in the outdoors without using air-conditioners.

We supply and install our custom shade sails to the Hills District of Sydney, North Shore and beyond. Don’t wait for summer to come around again. Contact us on 1300 570 901 to order quality shade sails in Sydney today!

More Information about Shade Sails & DIY Shade Sails

  • Tensioned shade sails are ideal for outdoor living areas

    If you want long-life from your outdoor shade solution, purchase a quality shade sail from an experienced Sydney shade sail company like Ashadya Shade Sails & Blinds. For top quality, you really need to consider tensioned shade sails. Tensioned sails are designed to suit your outdoor environment and the weather conditions that they need to operate in. With stainless steel cable running around the perimeter of the shade sail, a properly fitted tensioned shade sail is designed for longevity and structural integrity.

    Highs and lows in the connection positions are also critical to how a shade sail structure will react and be able to absorb various wind conditions, rather than being buffeted by it. Flat shade structures have the tendency to stretch over time, as they have no dimensional element that is essential to working with wind forces. Key to fabric architecture is a 3D form where the shape is formed by applying tension along opposing curves. Creating a shade sail in balance creates a structure that is designed to handle wind loads.

    Consider the design aspect carefully when buying shade sails in Sydney. This will ensure structural integrity and your ongoing shade enjoyment in your outdoor areas.

  • Designed and manufactured for durability and longevity

    There is huge importance in the design and manufacture of a shade sail. Exacting standards are required in placement of connections, 3D design, measurement of perimeters, diagonals, and corner heights. Combine this with the use of quality shade fabrics with manufacturing of the shade sail to the specific measurements required and you will create a fitted shade structure that will last the test of time. These are the most important considerations when shopping for shade sails in Sydney.

    For the longevity of our shade sails, we use materials that are of high-quality designed specifically to provide up to 99% UV-R protection. Our shade sails pass rigorous testing to ensure they have the quality needed to reach you. Our fabrics are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers, who have a proven track record of supplying quality fabrics designed for the harsh Australian climate.

    Fabrics sourced from companies including:

    Our shade sails are installed using 316-grade stainless steel fittings, and our experience pays off greatly when we are installing them – you get a correctly tensioned shade sail structure that will last the test of time. And, as we only use materials that stand the rigors of a harsh Australian climate, you can trust that they are of the highest quality. Get summer ready by calling the leaders in shade sails in Sydney, Ashadya today.

DIY Shade Sails

Due to the increase in demand for DIY shade sails in Sydney, Ashadya can manufacture DIY shade sails made to your measurements. To order a DIY sail made, simply provide us with your measurements for a quote. We will make your custom shade sail ready for DIY installation. All our DIY shade sails are made with perimeter curvatures along each side, sails are double stitched using twin needle sewing machines. All hems and seams are double folded with no exposed edges. Sails are stitched using premium PTFE thread with 15 year manufactures pro-rata warranty. 316-grade stainless steel wire is used around the perimeter of the sail.

When you take the measurements, we need the measurements taken from eyelet to eyelet:

  1. Outside perimeter measurements for each side
  2. Diagonal measurements across all angles
  3. Height measurements from ground datum point to eyelet height

Contact us so we can explain which measurements we need to ensure we make your DIY shade sail to the correct measurements.

DIY Shade Sails Colour Range:

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