For Waterproof Shade Sails in Sydney, Trust Only Ashadya!

For Waterproof Shade Sails in Sydney, Trust Only Ashadya!

When it comes to finding a versatile shade solution that offers all-weather protection for your Sydney home, nothing beats waterproof shade sails. Waterproof shade sails in Sydney are lightweight, they can easily be installed, and they can be custom designed to suit your requirements.

If you’ve decided to invest in waterproof shade sails, then you’ve certainly made a great decision. As the owner of Ashadya Shade Sails & Blinds, a Sydney shade sail company, I would like to take this opportunity to promote our waterproof shade sails. But first, let’s take a look at what makes a shade sail waterproof.

What makes a shade sail waterproof?

Unlike standard shade sails which are made out of a shade cloth fabric, waterproof shade sails are manufactured out of special PVC fabrics. These fabrics are composite materials made of woven polyester, which are coated on both sides with PVC. Plasticizers are also added to the fabric to make it lightweight and flexible. PVC shade sails are 100% waterproof, and they are designed to offer all-weather protection.

Why waterproof shade sails are growing in popularity

Waterproof shade sails are incredibly popular in both commercial and residential settings here in Sydney. And there are several reasons behind this. Not only do they offer protection from the rain, but they also offer excellent UVR protection as well.

As with standard shade sails, waterproof shade sails are also lightweight, versatile and can be used across a variety of applications. Waterproof shade sails are also fairly easy to install and remove, but this is a task that is best done by professionals to get maximum lifespan out of the product. The architectural design of the waterproof sail to control the waterflow is critical and best done by a professional.

Because of the ease and versatility that waterproof shade sails offer, it is fairly common to see them being used across several commercial and residential establishments in Sydney. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen them being used across schools and kindergartens, car protection, poolside areas, patios, parks, and playgrounds in our city.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits offered by waterproof shade sails, read my earlier post titled ‘4 Solid Reasons to Opt for Waterproof Shade Sails’.

Superior grade waterproof shade sails from Ashadya

Waterproof Shade Sails

Waterproof Shade Sails installed at Royal Hotel 5 Beer Garden

If you’re looking to invest in quality waterproof shade sails in Sydney, you’ll find just what you need here at Ashadya Shade Sail & Blinds. We offer a full range of custom-designed waterproof shade sails that feature the highest standards of quality.

Ashadya waterproof shade sails are manufactured using industry-leading PVC shade cloth fabrics. These include the Mehler and DriZ fabrics offered by Rainbow Shade, the 502 by Serge Ferrari. Due to the superior quality of fabrics, our waterproof shade sails offer unmatched sun, rain, hail and UVR protection. Moreover, they are much more durable as compared to standard shade sails you’ll find in the market.

Our waterproof shade sails can be custom designed to meet your specific requirements. You’ll also get a choice of designer colours with our shade sails. Ashadya is synonymous with superior quality, exceptional durability, and high longevity. That’s why we back our waterproof shade sails with genuine warranties covering fabric degradation.

With us around, there’s simply no need to look elsewhere for waterproof shade sails in Sydney!


Waterproof shade sails are quite popular here in Sydney. Unlike standard shade sails which are made of shade cloth fabrics, waterproof shade sails are made of special PVC fabrics. Due to this, waterproof shade sails are capable of offering rain protection, hail protection, as well as sun and UVR protection. Waterproof shade sails are lightweight and versatile, and they are suitable for use across a variety of commercial and residential applications.

And, for the best quality waterproof shade sails in Sydney, look no further than the shade experts at Ashadya Shade Sails & Blinds. Give us a call at 1300 570 901 to discuss your waterproof shade sail requirements with one of the experts today!