SkySpan Umbrellas

Ashadya is proud to be a leading distributor of SkySpan umbrellas in Sydney. With over 20 years of industry experience, SkySpan Shade is committed to designing and manufacturing top-quality commercial SkySpan umbrellas in Sydney that transform outdoor spaces into comfortable and inviting areas. Our partnership with SkySpan Shade allows us to offer you a wide range of umbrella solutions in Sydney, tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

SkySpan Umbrella Range

SkySpan, with over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing umbrellas for commercial use, offers a range of umbrella types tailored to suit varied needs. Whether you’re looking to shade an outdoor dining area, resort, café or public space, the SkySpan umbrella range has the perfect solution for you.

  • Horizon Centre Column Umbrellas: These umbrellas are designed with flexibility in mind. They are ideal for outdoor dining, resorts, and entertainment venues, offering both shade and style.
  • Sunset Centre Column Umbrellas: These are retractable umbrellas equipped with a unique gearing mechanism, making them perfect for cafes, restaurants, and holiday resorts where adjustability is key.
  • Typhoon Centre Column Umbrellas: Specifically engineered for wind-prone environments and coastal resorts, these non-retractable umbrellas offer robust protection against the elements.
  • Alfresco Portable Umbrellas: These retractable and portable umbrellas are designed to be light and easy to handle, providing shade wherever it’s needed.
  • Vista Cantilevered Umbrellas: With a retractable design and cantilevered frame, these umbrellas are ideal for pools, cafes, and public spaces, offering unobstructed shade.
  • Panorama Pavilion Umbrellas: These non-retractable umbrellas feature a perimeter frame, making them suitable for high wind conditions and easy installation of blinds and other accessories.

SkySpan Umbrellas Overview

Let’s delve deeper to understand the unique features and unparalleled benefits each type of SkySpan umbrella brings to your outdoor space.

  • Warranty: SkySpan offers different warranty periods for the frame and fabric, offering peace of mind with your purchase.
  • Engineer Wind Rated: Each umbrella type is engineered and wind rated for specific wind speeds, ensuring they can withstand the harsh Australian climate.
  • Fabric and Frame Colour Options: Choose from an extensive range of powder coating colours for frames and canopy colours, allowing you to match or contrast with your existing decor.
  • Accessory Options: SkySpan provides additional accessories such as rain diverters, link panels, corporate branding, lights, and pre-wiring for heaters and speaker systems, further enhancing the functionality of your umbrella.
  • SkySpan Features: All umbrellas come with unique SkySpan features like stylish cast base plates, an easy wind opening and retracting system, and concealed cables for a sleek appearance.

SkySpan Umbrellas Comparison

Below is a comprehensive comparison of various SkySpan umbrella models, detailing aspects such as type, ideal usage scenarios, warranty information, wind rating, colour and accessory options, among others, to help you make an informed decision.

Feature / Model Horizon Sunset Typhoon Alfresco Vista Panorama
Type Centre Column Centre Column Centre Column Portable, Centre Column Cantilevered Frame Perimeter Frame
Retractable No Yes No Yes Yes No
Ideal For Dining, Resorts, Entertainment Cafes, Restaurants, Resorts Coastal Resorts, Exposed Spaces Light and Easy to Handle Pools, Cafes High Wind Areas, Multiple Installations
Warranty (Frame) 10 Year Anti-Rust, 5 Year Structural 10 Year Anti-Rust, 5 Year Structural 10 Year Anti-Rust, 5 Year Structural 1 Year Anti-Rust, 1 Year Structural 5 Year Structural 5 Year Structural
Warranty (Fabric) 5 Years 2 Years 5 Years 1 Year 2 Years 5 Years
Engineer Wind Rating (Open) 118 kph (W33) 118 kph (W33) 148 kph (W41) 60 kph 118 kph (W33) 148 kph (W41)
Engineer Wind Rating (Closed) 148 kph (W41) 148 kph (W41)
Frame & Fabric Options Extensive Extensive Extensive Extensive Extensive Extensive
Accessory Options Cube base, Rain diverters, Link panels*, Branding, Lights, Heaters, Speakers Cube base, Rain diverters, Link panels*, Branding, Lights, Heaters, Speakers Cube base, Rain diverters, Link panels*, Branding, Lights, Heaters, Speakers Cube base, Branding, Base plates Rotational base, Rain diverters, Branding, Lights, Heaters, Speakers Gutters, Branding, Lights, Heaters, Electrical Points, Speakers, Blinds


More Information about SkySpan Umbrellas

  • Innovative Features of SkySpan Umbrellas

    What sets SkySpan umbrellas in Sydney apart from the rest is their innovative design and unique features. The stylish cast base plates not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also provide stability and durability. With the easy wind opening and retracting system, you can adjust your SkySpan umbrella effortlessly to suit the changing weather conditions. To maintain a clean and sleek look, all cables are cleverly concealed within the umbrella structures. These smart design elements ensure that SkySpan umbrellas in Sydney are user-friendly, visually appealing, and built to last.

  • SkySpan Umbrella Accessories

    To enhance your outdoor experience, SkySpan offers a variety of accessories for its umbrella range. As the sun goes down, you can continue to enjoy your outdoor space with our heating and lighting accessories. These additions allow you to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for nighttime entertainment. We also offer protective covers to shield your umbrella from the elements when not in use, ensuring it remains in top condition for longer.

  • Engineered for the Australian Climate

    In Sydney and surrounds, we are well acquainted with challenging weather conditions. That is precisely why all SkySpan umbrellas in Sydney are accompanied by an engineer wind rating certification. Whether you find yourself combating the scorching summer sun or a sudden downpour, rest assured in the resilience and durability of your SkySpan umbrella. These commercial umbrellas are meticulously designed and rigorously tested to withstand the elements, ensuring they are robust enough to endure the Australian climate. With SkySpan umbrellas, your outdoor areas will remain inviting and functional throughout every season.

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