Wave Shade

Transform any outdoor area with the elegant, robust, and easy to install Wave Shade.

Wave Shade is a modern retractable shade cover that boasts style and quality. It comprises a smart design that provides shade when extended and sun when retracted; the best of both worlds.

This clever shade cover is custom-made for a perfect fit over any outdoor space to ensure maximum coverage is achieved. It is suitable for commercial and domestic installation, including outdoor entertainment areas, patios, decks, cafés, hotels, restaurants, playgrounds, etc.

Wave Shade retractable shade covers are easy to operate and is available in two formats; an integrated cord operation option or a pole retraction system.

Features include:

  • Fade-resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • 5% openness factor
  • High UV/heat protection
  • Mildew/mould resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • 10-year warranty

Superior shade from premium materials

Wave Shade retractable shade covers are manufactured from Soltis 96 and Soltis W96. Soltis 96 is a premium high-performance mesh with a 4% openness factor.  It is lightweight and features a double thickness solar protection coating provide longevity. Soltis W96 is the waterproof option, which is a popular choice for commercial installations. Colour options for each fabric are as follows:

Wave Shade fabrics

Only the best fixtures and fittings are used in both the manufacturing and installation process to ensure longevity. As such, a 10-year warranty is provided on all components, including the fabric.

Easy to expand and retract

Wave Shade retractable shade covers are a contemporary alternative to standard shade sails – with the additional functionality of being retractable. The user-friendly design offers customers the option of either an integrated cord or pole retraction system.

The cord retraction option operates on a stainless steel pulley and a polyester braid. In contrast, the pole retraction system works whereby hooking an aluminium pole to a stainless steel cleat, providing manual retraction and extension of the sail.

Highly customisable

Along with the option of 15 modern colours, the Wave Shade is custom-made to suit your space and style preference. The number of waves can be specified to determine how low the waves hang when extended. Moreover, Wave Shade can be installed to existing fixtures like pergolas, beams, posts, houses, and other structures.

For a modern alternative to shade sails in Sydney, consider the attractive, and highly-stylish Wave Shade. Call the friendly team at Ashadya today on 1300 570 901  for more information on the Wave Shade retractable shade covers.