Shadowspec Retreat Wall Mounted Umbrella

Sublime Outdoor Living

The Shadowspec Retreat™ is the perfect addition to any outdoor living space. Its sleek design and durable materials add style to your space and provide reliable protection from the elements. Plus, its convenient wall-mounting feature allows for easy storage and saves valuable floor space.

The Shadowspec Retreat™ is built with strong aluminium, ensuring it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Not only does this make the umbrella durable, but it also adds to its sleek and modern aesthetic. The use of aluminium gives the Shadowspec Retreat™ a minimalist look that seamlessly blends into any outdoor design.

This impressive wall-mounted umbrella delivers exceptional sun protection with its tilt, rotate, and extension features and boasts a sleek, refined design. With its smooth aluminium construction and chic colour options, Shadowspec Retreat™ enhances the aesthetic of any outdoor space. Shadowspec Retreat™ truly combines strength and style in one exceptional product.

Invest in a Shadowspec Retreat™ umbrella for a stylish and functional addition to your outdoor area today.

Features include:

  • 3-Year Fabric Warranty
  • 3-Year Frame Warranty
  • New Zealand Innovation
  • Eco-friendly Production
  • UV & Fade-resistant Fabric
  • Oil and Stain Repellant
  • Mould and Mildew Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Chlorine Resistant
  • Tear Resistant
  • UPF 80-Rated Fabric
  • Available in 5 Classy Colours

High-Performance Shade

The Shadowspec Retreat™ is truly the ultimate outdoor companion. This high-performance umbrella offers the ultimate shade protection with a wide range of features to make your time outdoors more enjoyable.

The Shadowlift™ gas-assistance makes deploying the umbrella a breeze, while the Shadowroll™ integrated roller ensures smooth operation. And with the Shadowreach™ extension, you can maximize your shade coverage. With the Shadowtilt™ feature, you can adjust the umbrella to any position, blocking out the sun throughout the day.

Don’t settle for a subpar umbrella – choose the Shadowspec Retreat™ for ultimate convenience and protection.



Gas-assisted, makes every deployment easy.



Integrated roller allows smooth deployment.



Extend for maximum shade reach.



Protects from low-angled sun rays.

Clever Shade for Compact Spaces

Shadowspec Retreat™ offers the perfect solution for shade in compact spaces. Its clever design allows it to deploy and retract with minimal impact on the surrounding area. The Wall Mounted Umbrella is ideal for small outdoor areas like balconies or spa pools, where traditional umbrellas would take up valuable space.

Don’t let a small space limit your ability to enjoy the outdoors – choose the Shadowspec Retreat™ for clever shade in any compact space.

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