Outdoor Blinds & Awnings

Custom Outdoor Blinds & Awnings in Sydney

Are you looking to control your entertaining area so that it can be used in various weather conditions whether hot, windy or wet? Then shopping for custom outdoor blinds or awnings in Sydney will provide the solution you’ve been seeking.

The benefits of awnings go beyond aesthetics. Awnings save energy by regulating heat and offering shade protection. Shade an area and it will protect your furniture, your floors or your carpets from fading. Whether you’re pursuing protection against the sun’s UV rays or simply looking to transforming your outdoor entertainment area into year-round living space, Ashadya Shade Sails & Blinds has an outdoor blind or awning in our outdoor shade range to cater for your needs and aspirations. 

Ashadya offers a wide range of affordable options and will recommend the best solution for your needs and requirements.

Options include:

  • Auto Awnings
  • Fixed Guide Awnings
  • PVC Outdoor Blinds
  • Recloths
  • Rope & Pulley
  • Side Channel Awnings
  • Wire Guide
  • Folding Arm Awnings
  • Zip Guide
  • Pivot Arm

Established in 2004, Ashadya has a long track record of serving Sydney and finding the correct outdoor shade solution to satisfy our customers. We are located in Galston and service Sydney’s Hills District, North Shore and beyond. We welcome a free measure and quote service and have flexible appointment times that work in with your busy work schedule.

Extend Your Living Space with Awnings

Ashadya’s quality custom-made awnings will open up a world of possibility for your outdoor living environment. Expand the liveable areas that you can utilise in summer. We love to see the way they transform your outdoors and how spacious your surroundings look after putting them up. They create that cute little corridor where you wanted to set up a garden table without getting the harsh sun on your skin. Or that hot entertaining deck suddenly becomes cool and useable following the install of an awning. No matter how narrow your yard is, we always manage to put up our awnings Sydney in such a way that they create the feel of being spacious. Awnings are a comfortable way to create that extra space you always wanted into a useful area protected from heat and sun. You can convert that little space in your private living and have the natural breeze cool you while you lounge on the sofa. Update your old awnings for a brand new one and you will find protection from the heat of the sun, with the benefit of coolness in your interiors.

Bring the surroundings into your living space

You can have a green living space with the awnings extended out onto your lawn. When you have an old friend visiting, you can cherish the memories with them under the awnings and breathe in the fresh air. Awnings that help us with the protection of the home are in high demand as they protect the walls and windows from heat and rain. By keeping the sun off your windows, you can dramatically improve the living environment of your rooms by reducing the heat transfer through the windows.

Fixed aluminum awnings help protect bedrooms and living room windows. Whereas pivot arm awnings help reduce the bill by protecting large windows and keeping the interiors cool for you. Wire guide and side channel awnings protect pergolas limiting the amount of wind and rain that enters your alfresco dining area. Folding arm awnings help protect entertaining decks and patios which do not have structural support. 

Operating your awnings

Awnings are available as either hand-operated or motorised. Simply use a crank handle to wind it out, or enjoy the comfort of a fully-motorised solution that can be automated to open and close subject to the sun position and the wind velocity. Sun and wind sensors can be installed to control and protect your awning from adverse weather conditions. There are remote controlled, switch or home automation systems which help control the awnings from inside the house or a remote location. You can even use your smartphone to virtually control your awnings Sydney from anywhere.