Market Umbrellas – the Ultimate Outdoor Umbrella

Market Umbrellas – the Ultimate Outdoor Umbrella

Nothing beats market umbrellas when it comes to a flexible, all-around, multi-purpose and lightweight outdoor shade solution. Market umbrellas are very versatile, and they can easily be packed away when not in use. There is no doubt why Market Umbrellas are getting so popular.

But don’t get fooled by the name – while market umbrellas may be designed for commercial use; they are also an excellent choice for use in domestic applications.

As someone who offers market umbrellas in Sydney, I will take this opportunity to tell you just how wonderful they are. So, continue reading this post as I tell you more about market umbrellas and why they are a great choice for your home.

What are market umbrellas?

Market umbrellas, also referred to as café umbrellas, are large-sized umbrellas that consist of a central supporting pole for the umbrella canopy. While they are traditionally used in markets, cafes, restaurants and hotels, they are also very handy for domestic applications as well. It isn’t uncommon to see market umbrellas used for patios, decks, gardens and poolside areas around homes.

Why choose market umbrellas over standard outdoor umbrellas?

Market umbrellas offer far greater quality than standard outdoor umbrellas, and typically, they will last much longer than standard umbrellas. They are designed for heavy commercial use and are manufactured using high-quality frames and fabrics. The fabrics offer UVR protection in addition to providing shade.

At Ashadya Shade Sails & Blinds, our market umbrellas make use of the best quality materials; non-corrosive, marine grade aluminium, structural steel and high-quality shade cloth fabrics. Our umbrellas are capable of offering up to 99% protection from the sun’s UV rays. And, as a mark of quality, they come with a 2-year warranty against UVR degradation and 4-year warranty on the structural frame.

What sets our SU2 Market & Café Umbrellas apart from other market and café umbrellas in the marketplace that the SU2 has a solution dyed canopy, meaning the actual fabric strand is dyed before it is woven. This helps reduce fading of the material and means your umbrella will stay new looking a lot longer than other umbrellas.

By choosing our market umbrellas over standard umbrellas, you will be making a great investment that will last you many years.

Where to find high-quality market umbrellas in Sydney?

When it comes to finding the best quality market umbrellas in Sydney, you needn’t look any further than Ashadya Shade Sails & Blinds. We’re an established and reputed provider of shade solutions, and our market umbrellas are widely used across both commercial as well as domestic applications in Sydney.

Our umbrellas feature a heavy-duty double pulley system, which makes them incredibly easy to use. They feature commercial grade construction and come equipped with high-performance brackets and hubs.

We offer market umbrellas in a range of size options, including 1.5m to 3.0m square umbrellas and 2.0 to 4.3m octagonal umbrellas. They are available in many designer colour options and can be customised to meet your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking for an umbrella with a portable base or an umbrella with a fixed base, we can cater to your needs.


Of many types of shade solutions, market umbrellas are arguably the most flexible, versatile and lightweight of them all. Market Umbrellas are large sized umbrellas consisting of a central support pole, and they are used both in commercial and domestic applications. They are far superior in quality as compared to standard outdoor umbrellas.

For the best quality market umbrellas in Sydney at affordable prices, consider us here at Ashadya Shade Sails & Blinds. Our umbrellas offer the perfect blend of functionality and style in an affordable package. You cannot go wrong in choosing us! To get a free quote, drop us an email at today!