Protect Your Car Rain, Hail, or Shine With Car Shade Sails

Protect Your Car Rain, Hail, or Shine With Car Shade Sails

A car is a significant investment. For many, it’s the biggest investment they will make in their lives. It’s a means to get from A to B, to get to work and make a living each day, which is why it’s so important to get maximum longevity from our vehicles.

We understand the importance to service our car regularly to ensure it is reliable when we need it the most, but what about the exterior? It’s just as important to protect the body for longevity as it is the motor, which is why the demand for car shade sails in Sydney is now stronger than ever before.

If you’re looking to protect your investment come rain, hail, or shine, then car shade sails provide the most cost-effective solution.

Continue reading to discover the many benefits of car shade sails and the options available from Sydneys’ preferred car shade sail suppliers, Ashadya Australia.

Benefits of Car Shade Sails

Car shade sails offer the most convenient car protection for residential driveways in Sydney. Aside from protecting your car from the elements, they also provide additional benefits discussed below.

Affordable Car Protection

As mentioned above, car shade sails provide the most cost-effective solution for covering a driveway and protecting vehicles. They are a fraction of the cost of having a carport or garage extension built. Moreover, because they are classified as temporary structures, they don’t require council approval, which can be costly, timely, and stressful.

Car shade sails are generally custom made to suit the design of your home and thereby provide complete coverage and protection to your vehicle. However, an even more affordable option is available in DIY car shade sails, which we also offer here at Ashadya Australia. They do, however, come with some drawbacks (see DIY Car Shade Sails).

All-Weather Car Protection

Car shade sails provide excellent protection against the sun, which can significantly impact automotive paint, causing it to fade, bubble, and eventually chip away. However, in addition to sun protection, they also provide excellent protection against hail and wind events. With hailstorms becoming more frequent in Sydney, it’s never been more important to have a safe place to store your car. Car shade sails offer such a space.

Car shade sails can also offer waterproof protection too! While standard car shade sails use shade cloth for the sail, waterproof shade sails are manufactured from 100% waterproof fabrics to provide complete protection against all weather conditions.

Contact the friendly team at Ashadya Australia for a quote on standard car shade sails made from shade cloth for sun, hail, and wind protection or waterproof car shade sails made from 100% waterproof materials for sun, hail, wind, and rain protection.

Expand Your Home

It’s becoming more and more common to convert garages into an extra bedroom, study, storage room, or rumpus room for the kids. However, many Sydney homes are bursting at the seams because such a conversion forces their car outside and into the elements, reducing its attractiveness, resale value, and longevity.

Investing in affordable car shade sails means you can extend your home to live more comfortably and maximise your living quarters without needing to renovate whilst providing essential protection for your vehicles.

It also means that as your kids grow up and get their own cars, you’ll be able to provide undercover parking to protect more vehicles.

Flexible Design Options

Car shade sails offer an extensive range of design options to suit any installation. Whether you’re after a simple single rectangle or square shade sail to cover the entire driveway or multiple triangle shade sails to create a more architectural-inspired design, you can create it with custom car shade sails from Ashadya Australia.

Our custom car shade sails offer flexibility in the shape, size, configuration, fabric, and colour options available to ensure the result is stunning, adding to your home’s existing aesthetics. Even our DIY car shade sails offer options in terms of shape, size, and fabric colour, so the outcome will be great whichever you choose.

Types of Car Shade Sails

car protection shade sail

There simply is no easy, more affordable, or more flexible way to protect your car than to invest in car shade sails. And thankfully, there are a couple of options to suit all budgets. While we specialise in custom shade sail installations, we’re very conscious of the interest and demand for DIY solutions, which is why we offer both custom car shade sails and DIY car shade sails in Sydney.

Continue reading to discover the best option for your home’s design, requirements, and budget.

Custom Car Shade Sails

As with anything custom, you’re going to get a better end result with custom shade sails. Custom shade sails in Sydney, such as those offered by Ashadya Australia, are designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs. Most importantly, they’re designed to complement the design of your home and can add aesthetics to the exterior, which can greatly increase its attractability and price.

With custom car shade sails, it’s not a case of choosing a square, rectangle or triangle sail and making it work to fit the area. Not all homes are the same. Some have a stepped garage/frontage; some are flat, others may even be curved. Thus, by choosing custom car shade sails, the sky’s the limit in terms of design. The car sails are manufactured to fit your home’s precise dimensions and measurements to provide 100% coverage to your valuable car.

Ashadya Australia’s custom car shade sails are available in a range of the Shade Industry’s leading fabrics, including shade cloth and waterproof fabrics. Shade fabrics we offer include the likes of Rainbow Z16, Xtreme 32, Protex Parasol, Commercial 95, Allnet Extrablock, and Monotec 370 series, ranging in UVR protection ratings and warranties; up to 99% UVR protection and 10 to 15 years warranty. Our 100% waterproof fabrics, which we use to manufacture waterproof car shade sails, include Ferrari 502, Polyplan 680, Valmex 580S. These heavy-duty commercial fabrics offer 5-10 year warranties and 100% water and UVR protection.

If you’re looking for car shade sails in Sydney to protect your car against hail and sun damage, then standard car shade sails made from one of the mentioned shade cloth fabrics will suffice. You could also opt for a DIY car shade sail (see below) if you’re on a tight budget. However, if you’re looking for car shade sails in Sydney to protect your car against rain, hail, and sun damage, waterproof car shade sails made from one of the 100% waterproof fabrics are required. Waterproof car shade sails have to be custom made and installed by professional installers to ensure the tension is correct and the warranties are honoured.

DIY Car Shade Sails

As mentioned, you don’t necessarily have to opt for custom car shade sails in Sydney if you’re looking to protect your car against hail and sun damage. We offer a range of DIY shade sails in Sydney suitable for use as car shade sails.

With our DIY car shade sails, we make the shade sails the same way as we would our custom shade sail; the only difference is we don’t install them; you do! As with our custom car shade sails, they are made to the exact measurements to provide complete coverage and from your choice of fabric.

The option of installing the car shade sail yourself can present significant savings. However, there is a downside to choosing DIY car shade sails; if you install them incorrectly, you may not get the longevity expected from your investment. Not using the correct hardware, not connecting them to durable anchor points, and not achieving the right tension are common problems we often see.

Learn more about our shade sails by visiting our Shade Sails page.


Protect your vehicles by investing in affordable car shade sails by Ashadya Australia. Car shade sails are the most economical solution for protecting your car against sun, hail, wind, and even offer rain protection in waterproof car shade sails. They don’t require any council approval and can be installed quickly, without any fuss.

Car shade sails also enable you to convert your garage into another living space, whether it be a study, bedroom, rumpus room, or additional storage, knowing your car is well protected outside under its protection.

Available in any shape or size to perfectly fit your driveway area and in a range of fabrics and colour options, you’re sure to find the perfect solution to meet your needs and budget. We also have a range of DIY car shade sails available for those on a tighter budget.

If you’re after car shade sails in Sydney, look no further than Ashadya Australia. As one of Sydney’s leading shade sail installers, we have the skills and experience to ensure your car shade sails not only offer excellent protection to your car but enhance your home’s appearance and value.

Call today on 1300 570 901 or complete the following enquiry form. For more information on our car shade sails, please visit our Shade Sails page.