Tips to Help You Buy a Swimming Pool Umbrella

Tips to Help You Buy a Swimming Pool Umbrella

Summer may have passed, but that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down when it comes to protecting yourself from the Sun. The fact is, regardless of the season, a UV index is recorded, and you can still get burnt.

Those that are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool in their backyard are unfortunately more at risk. That is unless, of course, they are SunSmart or have shaded their pool with a swimming pool umbrella.

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If you’re looking to buy a swimming pool umbrella in Sydney, then there are certainly some tips that I can provide to ensure you choose the umbrella that will best protect your family. Knowing what to look for can make all the difference.

Design Tips

The first tip I can provide in choosing the right swimming pool umbrella is to think about the design last. This is the least important. Obviously, the aesthetics of a home matter; however, in 2019, outdoor umbrellas are designed to all look great. So regardless of what you end up with, know it will add a refined touch to the pool area.

What is important is to get the right swimming pool umbrella for your needs, and you can do that by applying my other tips. When you have, you will have chosen the right size and type of umbrella and can then worry about the colour and options available.

Location Tips

The type of summing pool umbrella you choose will depend on the location of where you want it placed or installed. If you want it installed in a fixed position, then you can choose an umbrella with a bolt-down or in-ground base. However, if you want the flexibility to move your umbrella from the poolside to cover the pool itself or to the deck area, then an umbrella with a portable base or a rotating cantilever umbrella is better suited.

Size Tips

It’s important to buy a summing pool umbrella that offers adequate shade; otherwise, what’s the point of having one? Look at the area you want to shade and take measurements to work out the square meterage. Use the table below to work out a suitable umbrella canopy size for the area you want to cover.

Coverage Umbrella Size
Square umbrella
4 m2 2 m
6.25 m2 2.5 m
7.8 m2 2.8 m
9 m2 3 m
16 m2 4 m
Octagonal umbrella
4.4 m2 2.5 m
6.3 m2 3 m
8.6 m2 3.5 m
11.3 m2 4 m
12.4 m2 4.2 m
13 m2 4.3 m

To shade even larger areas, consider a multi-canopy cantilever umbrella. They are able to supply coverage of up to 37.82 m2 (square) or 24.5 m2 (octagonal)

Type of Umbrella Tips

Each type of umbrella will offer something a little different. As mentioned, a rotating cantilever umbrella is one of the best types of umbrellas for use around a pool. Another great option is a rotating and tilting cantilever umbrella as it offers a tilting function with three locking positions along with a 360-degree rotation. This means you can completely block the sun as it rises or sets whilst still enjoying an afternoon drink by the pool or swim.

Other types of umbrellas that are ideal for use as a swimming pool umbrella include a side post umbrella, which is similar to a cantilever umbrella but without the tilting features and the multi-canopy cantilever umbrella, which is great for creating the resort look or shading larger areas.


A swimming pool umbrella is one of the most affordable ways to protect your family against UV rays all year round. If you’re looking to buy a swimming pool umbrella remember to first forget about how it looks and consider where you want to shade, and if you need portable or fixed shade. Measure the area and choose an umbrella size that will offer adequate coverage and consider a rotating cantilever umbrella or a rotating and tilting cantilever umbrella over all other types of umbrellas as they offer the best sun protection.