Wall Mounted Cantilever Umbrella: A Great Fit for Tight Spaces

Wall Mounted Cantilever Umbrella: A Great Fit for Tight Spaces

When it comes to finding an effective shade solution for small or tight spaces, nothing beats wall mounted umbrellas. Wall mounted umbrellas are perfect for patios, poolside decks, gardens and outdoor entertainment areas that offer limited space.

Today we’ll take a look at why wall mounted umbrellas are such a great fit for tight spaces. Hopefully, this article will convince you to invest in a wall mounted umbrella for your home.

They don’t require a pole for support

As the name suggests, wall mounted umbrellas can easily be fixed onto an exterior wall to create a cool and shaded outdoor area. They are attached directly to an existing wall and do not require any centre pole or side pole for support. Thanks to this, they maximise the shaded area underneath, and they can easily be used in areas where it is not possible to install a pole.

They offer unobstructed views & access

Due to the absence of any central or side support pole, wall mounted umbrellas offer unobstructed views. They offer no interference. This makes them perfect for use on decks and patios where guests can have a conversation while enjoying clear, unobstructed views.

Along with unobstructed views, they also offer unobstructed access below the mast. This makes them ideal for shading walkways and paths. We have installed many wall mounted umbrellas in this application as an alternate shade solution to shade sails.

They can be rotated or tilted to change the angle of the shade

Wall mounted cantilever umbrellas can be rotated or tilted to change the angle of shade. This provides added functionality and makes them ideal for use in outdoor entertainment areas where shade is required throughout the day.

They look incredibly elegant

If there’s one way to add some visual appeal to a tight outdoor space, it is by installing a wall-mounted umbrella. Our wall mounted umbrellas are available in a stylish and modern design and various colour options. Their addition to an outdoor entertainment area will go a long way in increasing the visual appeal of your space.

They are quick and easy to install

Due to the absence of a centre pole or side pole, wall mounted umbrellas are much easier to install than standard patio umbrellas. They do not require any extra framing or extra bracing, and there is no need to dig a footing. They simply require a sturdy wall that they can be fixed to. The entire installation process takes less than 30 minutes.

Find The Best Wall Mounted Cantilever Umbrella in Sydney

For top quality wall mounted umbrellas in Sydney, you need not look any further than Ashadya Shade Sails & Blinds. As one of Sydney’s leading shade providers, we offer a range of outdoor umbrellas for you to choose from. However, the SU3 Wall Mounted Umbrella is the best shade solution for homes with limited space. It is available in a hexagonal shape in a choice of 8 fabric colours and can be tilted and swung horizontally. As a mark of quality, the canopy is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Wall mounted umbrellas are an excellent shade solution for small and tight spaces. Because they don’t require any centre or side support pole, the area beneath is maximised, offering clear unobstructed access and views. Wall mounted umbrellas can be rotated and tilted to change the angle of shade, they’re incredibly elegant, and they’re quick and easy to install. What more could you ask for?!

To purchase high-quality wall mounted Sydney umbrellas, get in touch with the team at Ashadya Shade Sails & Blinds. Phone 1300 570 901 for a free quote or click here for more information on our wall mounted umbrellas.SU3 Wall Mounted Umbrella