Why Wave Shade Is the Ultimate Retractable Shade Cover

Why Wave Shade Is the Ultimate Retractable Shade Cover

If you’re looking for a shade solution in Sydney, then you have a plethora of options at hand, including the all popular shade sail. But today, I would like to discuss why Wave Shade is the ultimate retractable shade cover, and why you should get one for your Sydney home or business.

Retracts or extends to offer the best of both worlds

Wave shade cover extended

While shade sails offer excellent shade protection, they lack in providing the functionality to remove or erect them as required. True, they are affordable and available in a wide range of colours, but sometimes you just want to feel the sun kiss your skin, and you can’t get this with a permanently erect shade sail.

Typically, the only option for any form of adjustable or retractable shade solution came from retractable awnings, which, while practical, lack the ability to cover large areas. Moreover, they don’t offer much in terms of contemporary design options.

The beauty of Wave Shade retractable shade covers is just that; they’re retractable. This means you adjust them to suit your needs; full sun, partial sun, or no sun – the choice is yours. And, because they are now also available in a waterproof fabric, you can also extend them to avoid the rain.

It’s important to note that Wave Shade is intended for daily use, and not as a permanent shade solution. Thus, the cover should only be extended when shade is required.

Modern shade covers for domestic and commercial applications

wave shade internal installation

While the core purpose of Wave Shade was to offer a retractable shade solution, it was just as important to create a solution that both complements and enhances the aesthetics of an outdoor area. Wave Shade more than meets both tasks.

Wave Shade truly is the most attractive shade cover available on the market today.

The contemporary design of Wave Shade makes them a popular choice for both homes and commercial businesses. Cafés, restaurants, bars, surf clubs, pubs, hotels, wineries, markets and other outdoor commercial spaces simply love Wave Shade! Not only do they retain customers in scorching temperatures, but they can also attract customers due to their resort-like, relaxing design.

In residential settings, Wave Shade is a winning choice over outdoor entertainment areas, decks, patios, and swimming pools.

There is no better-looking shade solution in Sydney, and Wave Shade comes in a variety of colours to match your exterior, though the relaxing resort-like appearance of white Wave Shade covers is hard to beat.

Superior quality and ease of operation

Seldom can you find a shade cover solution that is retractable, attractive, and of high quality. Wave Shade is one such solution.

Wave Shade retractable shade covers are manufactured to the highest of qualities, from the very best fabrics, to deliver longevity and superior shade protection. Back by a 10-year warranty, Wave Shade is manufactured from your choice of Soltis 96 or Soltis W96. Soltis 96 is a highly UV resistant lightweight fabric with a 4% openness factor. It is available in 21 colours. Soltis W96 is the waterproof fabric option, and it comes in 5 classic colours.

Beyond the fabrics, the fixing hardware and overall construction is just as impressive; marine grade stainless steel and niche natural 20MIC anodized coating. The robust nature of Wave Shade means it can withstand harsh weather conditions, including ocean-front locations.

Wave Shade retractable covers can be operated by pole or cord retraction, each offering ease of use.


When it comes to retractable shade solutions that are attractive, robust, and versatile, none compare to Wave Shade retractable shade covers. With the ability to expand when needed, Wave Shade is the ultimate choice for outdoor entertaining areas and commercial hospitality businesses. Moreover, it now also comes in a waterproof fabric option making it an even better option for cafes, restaurants, pubs etc. with outdoor serving areas.

Enhance your outdoor space by investing in a shade cover that is not only highly-functional but also highly-attractive. Visit our Wave Shade product page or contact us on 1300 570 901  to request a free measure and quote.